Bob Haircuts

Top Stunning Short Bob Haircut Models

The short bob hairstyle can be the most stunning style for you with the right cut for your face and hair type. From Audrey Tautou to Amelie, the short bob haircut will help you create an iconic style.

With different touches, you can make this a cute or cool haircut model. Never outdated and always looking modern with all the styling of this model will give you a separate air. Short bob haircut puts you and your style first. Catching an elegant, fun, retro or intimate atmosphere is easy in this area.

Furthermore, this model is as good as you, the classic celebrities that carry it. With a thousand effort, it looks always striking with simple steps, unlike the models that only look good in photographs.

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Which Bob HairCut is Right for You?

With many different hairstyles and types, it makes things easier to understand which short bob hairstyle is right for you. It also protects you from the risks of a new cut trial. Bob haircut models have a wide variety of variations. This makes it easy for you to find a suitable cut.

If you have fine hair, a bob decorated with dished or volume-saving coats is ideal for you. If you have curly hair, instead of straight, blunt cuts, activating the ends with layers in place reveals the beauty of the curls. You can use a straight-cut iconic bob to emphasize your straight hair and get a clear image.

You can also use the power of the floors to control your thick and bushy hair. The wavy bob hairstyle, the favorite of the last period, is a great choice for any hair type. If you want to see the most beautiful haircuts and try different models, click here! We also share different models for you.

Bob Haircuts

The Best Wavy Bob Haircut with Tongs in 2020

Bob haircut is a versatile hairstyle that can be used as straight, wavy and curly. If you want to show your natural waves better or create waves, there are very simple ways. The wavy bob hairstyle can be preferred on a daily basis when going to school, work or for events such as dinner, party, invitation.

Prepare Your Hair

Lightly distribute hair styling foam to moist hair. The foam helps keep the hair in place after styling. It also adds volume to your hair and makes it easy to get your hair styled. Many styling foams also protect your hair against the heat in your styling tools.

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Apply the foam by evenly distributing the hair from the root to the end. Roughly dry your hair while combing with your fingers. If you have fine hair, continue until 80% dry. If you have thick hair, dry it to 50% dry. Combing your hair with your fingers during coarse drying will help prevent tangling.

To avoid damaging your hair, start at the middle or low-temperature settings of your blow dryer. If your hair is treated or processed with color, you may want to use lower heat to avoid damaging your hair strands or destroying your hair color.

Thick or textured hair can withstand higher temperatures. If you have thin or dyed hair, use lower heat. Low heat does not discolor or break your hair. Bob haircut is suitable for wavy look for any hair type.

Separate Your Hair

If the bob hairstyle is folded, divide it into horizontal layers according to your layers. Divide your hair into 3-4 horizontal layers. From here you can take a 5-inch piece and shape it. The lower layers are the closest to your neck.

Use a clip to remove the other 2 parts of your hair. Curling your hair into sections makes styling easier and more manageable gives style to all your hair and creates volume.

Separate 2-3 inches of tufts from your hair around the tongs and wrap. Start from one side of your head and work towards the other. Shape your hair close to face outwards. This bob haircut is needed to fit your model’s face. For larger curls, you can wrap 5-inch hair sections around the tongs.

Bob Haircuts

The Best Ways to Styling Bob Haircuts in 2020

The most striking aspects of 2019 were created by the different uses of bob haircut models. Short hair is expected to reign in 2020. The bob hairstyle comes to mind with the classic images of Reese Witherspoon and Natalie Portman. But in the new era, bob haircuts have joined many different interpretations. Names like Kaia Gerber began to iconize with this haircut.

French Bob and Retro Air

There are countless bob haircuts and styling styles that look elegant, stylish, cool or effortless. Taylor LaShae, one of the recent phenomena, is one of the best representatives of the styling that carries retro-inspired styling.

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She prefers a fairly short bob hairstyle that is aligned just below the earlobe. It uses very light coats towards the ends of the hair and framing her face with a bang. It adorns the hair in this section with irregular waves and hair scarves.

Elegance With Hollywood Waves

The hairstyling, known as the Hollywood wave, brings the image directly to a stylish and special place. Especially if you use straight and folded bob haircut, you can choose this model on your special days.

It is a model that is obtained by combed waves and powerful fixation sprays, highlighting the beauty of the face shape. It always carries vintage accents.

Braids and Bohemian Bob Hair

You can use braids to reveal the versatile nature of the wavy bob hairstyle choice. Combined with wide and natural-looking waves, it creates a bohemian and romantic look. The herringbone braids used over the ears or the top can create warm air.

If you want to create a new style with bob haircuts you can browse the content we have designed specifically for you and share the results with us as a comment. We compile and offer the most attractive hair-styles for you. Stay tuned for the latest glamorous bob haircut models.

Bob Haircuts

The Best Bob Haircuts for Thick and Thin Hair

Bob haircuts can be designed based on hair type, face, and hairstyle and can be tailored to everyone. Having thick or thin hair does not interfere with the use of short hair. On the contrary, when appropriate haircuts are made, it reveals natural beauty.

Short Bob Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Bob haircuts can be tailored to your style with small interventions for thick hair. If you have thick hair, straight, and bump haircuts can force you. It’s a good idea to stay away from bump haircuts, especially if you don’t want to blow or straighten your hair often. Otherwise, it becomes difficult to control hair growth.

There are two ways to use a bob hairstyle when your hair is too thick. If you like bump and crisp cuts, the way to use it is to opt for long bob haircuts. Thus, the weight of the hair hangs down rather than allowing the strands to expand and curl.

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The other option is to apply regular coats, especially on the underside of the hair. The folded bob hairstyle can be a savior for thick stranded hair. Tell your hairdresser if you want the hair to be thinned and layered.

A clear and uncut hair causes hair to swell from head to bottom and creates a triangular appearance. Fold cuts also help you with style and create a very modern style.

Short Bob Hairstyles for Thin Hair

If your hair is thin, choose a haircut and style to help give your hair a natural volume. Multi-textured, graded or curved bob haircuts always appear more voluminous.

If you use a short bob hairstyle with straight cuts, when it comes to styling, beach waves will help you to have more voluminous and vibrant hair. A permanent spray or foam will also give your hair a little more volume.