Bob Haircuts

Messy Bob Haircut: Rising Bob Hairstyle Trend of 2020

When asked about the most popular short hairstyle, bob wins a haircut every year. The messy bob is a new style that looks unassuming but doesn’t compromise on style. With this cut, different hair lengths are combined into a single look that is easy to style. We explain how the messy bob haircut is applied and to whom it suits.

Messy Bob haircuts can be used regardless of long or medium length. Expresses haircut with a relaxed attitude. Unlike other bob hairstyles, hair is not fixed to a single length; Breaking into layers. If you want to know more about bob haircuts, click here.

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messy bob haircut

The best thing about the trendy Messy bob hairstyle is that this layered cut is attractive, complex and easy to use. A perfect haircut for women with very thick hair. Layers give structure and shape without losing volume.

Irregular Bob Hair Styling

It is quite easy to shape messy bob haircut. Because the comfortable layered look is perfect for every day and can be quickly shaped to fit any situation. What makes this model different are the hot waves and curls that show different lengths. With the wavy bob hairstyle, the lightness and mobility of the cut are revealed.

Very little hair foam is enough to shape your messy bob model. You can give gentle waves by squeezing with your hands. If you don’t want to, you can make your hair smooth with a brush while drying. This type of bob haircut doesn’t always have to look worn. It becomes very well maintained with styling tricks.

You can also turn the model into a wavy Pixie with small cuts. You can also become a long bob model when you wait a bit. On narrow faces, this cut looks more impressive. Rounded faces can achieve more pronounced facial features by adding classic waves.