Bob Haircuts

Convenient and Attractive Medium Bob Haircut

The medium-sized bob haircut is classic and always stylish. Haircut style, colors, shaping can be carried to different sizes when combined with your style. Wavy, straight, folded, asymmetrical or symmetrical bob hairstyle gives you everything you would expect from a hairstyle.

The desired modern look, diversity and ease of use are combined in a single model. The medium-sized bob haircuts, which is aligned longer than the chin and shorter than the neck end, does not cause strange images as it grows. It makes every hair type more groomed.

We have compiled bob haircut models that are used in this size but differentiated with small touches. Here you can find a variety of inspiring wavy, natural, messy or stylish uses.

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bob haircut

Multilayer Wavy Medium Bob

For those looking for mobility, Bob is the ideal medium for the haircut. It is the basis of this model that the floors seem to have been thrown irregularly, but form a whole in itself and with the face shape.

Wavy bob haircuts goers often prefer it with glittering and shaded colors. All of this is perfect to make your hair look fuller.

Short Medium Back Bob

Hair that starts short from the back of the head and extends slightly towards the face is widely used. By adding light coats to the back of this section, it is possible to achieve a much more voluminous hair. When used flat, it offers a very stylish, clean and comfortable look.

Straight Cut Medium Bob

This model, which will be enjoyed by those who have straight hair, can be converted to the French bob haircuts model. It creates a simple yet striking image.

The ends of the hair which are cut straight and evenly cut can be finely thinned optionally. Adding a few light shades of balanced shine from the natural color of the hair looks great.

Bob Haircuts

French Bob Haircuts: The Key to Parisian Elegance

Simple, stylish and free Parisian styles give hair an effortless atmosphere. The French bob haircut is the most effective start for those who want a style that is effortless and confident. In French Bob haircuts, hair is usually cut on the jawline, and the face starts framing from this point. At the upper end of the frame, thick bangs signify the style.

This French-inspired cut is all you need to reveal your stunning look. Typically, you may prefer thick and flat to draw a clear expression of the frustrations that end just above the eyebrows.

To soften the appearance, you can leave it folded and fringed. The end of the hair, which integrates with the chin line on the underside of the face, can carry your air to a completely different point. This French-inspired version of the Bob haircuts emphasizes your free and warm side.

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french bob haircuts

Timeless, Extraordinary and Elegant Bob Haircuts

Contrary to common prejudices, shortening of hair does not limit the variety of models that can be applied. There are many touches that will carry short hair and especially bob haircut models to many different places. Straight uses, which neutralize the look, are suitable for both daily and special day chic for short hair. This is a rare advantage in other segments.
The wavy curly bob model is the best choice to bring the heat of summer and spring to your hair. In recent years, the most popular trends that make the appearance warm and adaptable to any face type waves.

In addition, if you have naturally curly or wavy hair with a little intervention you can make it much fresher and well-groomed. Bob haircuts can become more impressive with these natural forms. It allows you to reflect diversity in every aspect. You can add a different air to your hair with a French bob haircut.