Bob Haircuts

The Coolest Hair Trend of 2020: The Curly Bob Hairstyle

For those with straight hair, bob haircuts may look too uniform, or curly-haired ones may avoid using short patterns. In fact, adding curls to curly hair or shaping existing ones looks extraordinary, natural and wonderful.

The curly bob hairstyle looks cool, and sometimes adds a rockstar feel. First, let’s examine how you can curl your straight hair and add definition to your natural curls.

There are easy ways to identify and define the curls of your naturally curly hair. When using the Bob hairstyle, it is sufficient to gently highlight the curls. You can use a hair care spray, which you like when your hair is moist or in the shower.

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bob hairstyle

Then wrap your towel-dried moist curls with your fingers to clarify and calm. You can adjust the length of the bob haircut model and highlight the coats by wrapping and pulling down the curls at the bottom of the hair.

Ways to Use Curly Straight Hair

Wash your hair first and dry to remain moist. Use a hair styler and a heat-protective spray. Curl around your tongs by taking very small tufts of hair. It is more advantageous to start forming from the bottom. Then cool all hair and spray with a fixative spray. If you want, you can get very natural results by curling your forearms.

Therefore, you can curl the substrates wider. Thus, the difference in height is not very noticeable. Gently shake your curls with your fingers, but do not brush or comb. If you do not want to use a spray, apply jelly, wax or foam by the tips.

If you do not want to deal with tongs you can use tools such as curler in a classic way. You can apply them by wrapping them from the night. This completes the natural-looking curly bob hairstyle.