Bob Haircuts

How to Apply Beach Wave to Bob Haircut?

The beach waveforms the signature image of many famous stars. These waves look great on bob haircuts. Because of this effortless hairstyle suits all facial shapes, hair types, and ages. The bob haircut, shaped by a beach wave, is usually completed in as little as 10 minutes.

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bob haircut

Prepare the Hair

The most important step in shaping the Bob haircut model with this natural and cool model is the first step. You can use sea salt spray or other tissue-saving sprays. Strong stabilizing sprays may not produce the expected effect. Tissue sprays make it easy to shape while giving volume and character.

Segment Your Hair

Divide your hair into 2-4 horizontal layers according to the level of brightness and thickness. Then take the 3-4 cm tufts from these distinctions. Start styling from the bottom. And shape the right and left parts of your head separately.

Create Curls

Wrap the tufts of hair tightly into your curling iron and create long curls. Fold-out the tufts framing his face. Once you have curled the entire hair, gently sweep over it with a damp-finish spray or a mild sea salt spray.

To give beach-inspired waves to the Bob haircut model, mix the curls with your fingers, making small shakes from your hair bottoms. You can also open the curls from top to bottom with one hand. You can apply a stabilizing spray or foam very gently to increase permanence. So the wavy bob hairstyle is ready in 10-15 minutes.

Fix Your Hair Style

You can use wax, jelly and spray to keep your waves in place. Put a coin-sized styler on your fingers. To stimulate the waves, gently shake your fingers through the waves. Using pomade instead of hairspray gives your waves some texture. If you do not want to weight the hair spray prefer. If your Bob haircut model is tufted, scrub that section using the latest styler.