Bob Haircuts

Angled Bob Haircut Ideas For A Strong Style

You don’t need long hair to create a bob haircut. Thanks to celebrities and phenomena, we have all the inspiration we need to reflect the power of the short. For example, the angled bob hairstyle, where your hair is shorter than the back and longer than the front, is an easy way to change your look without making a big change.

Taking care of your face shape when choosing a hairstyle will help you find the best hair models for you. Giving an angle that starts short from the back and extends forward brings out the cheekbones. Frames the face and the neck shows a very aesthetic.

This very light angle works in most face shape. You can create a cooler bob haircut by thinning the tips slightly.

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bob haircut

Clear Angles and Clear Styles in Bob Haircuts

You can prefer the angles sharply on the hair. You can choose the short bob hairstyle straight from the back to the front. This clear look is perhaps the most powerful and timeless among the bob haircut models.

The short bob hairstyle cut on the chin neck makes a big difference in thin and thin faces with this clear angle. The short and blunt models always look crisp, cool and modern.

Textured, fluffy and curved bob haircuts look great when used in oval face types. These models give the back a spontaneous volume and make the face look younger and more vigorous. Those who have natural waves can stylize this model without shaping it.

When we talk about the angled bob hairstyle, we cannot mention the model that is identified with Victoria Beckham. With a sharp angle and a bump on the back of the head, this look is very clear and fits many face types. This bob-style can be sized with caramel-shimmering shades.