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Bob Haircuts

Bob haircuts are used to refer to hair that is basically at shoulder height and shorter than that. Haircut shorter than shoulder height surrounds the face. Bob’s hairstyle has changed and diversified over the years with many different touches. Nowadays, there are dozens of Bob cutting styles and all of the forming ways that can be used are widely used.

With a long history, this model is one of the timeless styles of fashion. But it does not seem usual and ordinary for any period. Bob’s haircuts were designed at the beginning of the 1900s. The Polish hairdresser Antonie de Paris designed and applied this model in Paris in 1909. In those years, it became one of the signature styles of city life. In the 20s, a popularity boom led by Louise Brooks. It became one of the symbols expressing those years.

Bob Haircut Types

Today, the first step of those who want to catch a Parisien air is to try the Bob haircuts types. This section has an extraordinary, free and elegant atmosphere. Modern touches have been added to this model, which has diversified over the years. Long Bob, for example, has been one of the most trendy hair models in the last few years. Aligned on the shoulders, this model looks more well-groomed. It combines the advantages of both long and short hair.

Bob-style haircuts can be aligned at shoulder level, where the neck ends, under the jawline or under the cheekbone and framing faces of different lengths. At the end of the 90s and early 2000s, the floors that were on the agenda again had the effect of Bob models in these years. The new species that emerged in those years was identified with Victoria Beckham.

In this modern Bob haircut type, hair stretches from the nape to the bottom of the chin. The back part is given a dished fullness. In addition to these main varieties, Bob adapted to many styles in cut, wavy, curly, brown, folded or hard-line.

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