Bob Haircuts

French Bob Haircuts: The Key to Parisian Elegance

Simple, stylish and free Parisian styles give hair an effortless atmosphere. The French bob haircut is the most effective start for those who want a style that is effortless and confident. In French Bob haircuts, hair is usually cut on the jawline, and the face starts framing from this point. At the upper end of the frame, thick bangs signify the style.

This French-inspired cut is all you need to reveal your stunning look. Typically, you may prefer thick and flat to draw a clear expression of the frustrations that end just above the eyebrows.

To soften the appearance, you can leave it folded and fringed. The end of the hair, which integrates with the chin line on the underside of the face, can carry your air to a completely different point. This French-inspired version of the Bob haircuts emphasizes your free and warm side.

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french bob haircuts

Timeless, Extraordinary and Elegant Bob Haircuts

Contrary to common prejudices, shortening of hair does not limit the variety of models that can be applied. There are many touches that will carry short hair and especially bob haircut models to many different places. Straight uses, which neutralize the look, are suitable for both daily and special day chic for short hair. This is a rare advantage in other segments.
The wavy curly bob model is the best choice to bring the heat of summer and spring to your hair. In recent years, the most popular trends that make the appearance warm and adaptable to any face type waves.

In addition, if you have naturally curly or wavy hair with a little intervention you can make it much fresher and well-groomed. Bob haircuts can become more impressive with these natural forms. It allows you to reflect diversity in every aspect. You can add a different air to your hair with a French bob haircut.

Bob Haircuts

The Most Modern Hair Style of All Time: Short Bob Hairstyle

Short bob hairstyle is still popular since the early 1900s and is among the timeless hairstyles. Optionally, this cut can be applied to different hair lengths, a gripping face on both sides of the chin model. It is generally preferred for shoulder height or shortness. It is cut into short or slightly under the chin.

Short Bob Hairstyles From Past to Present

Although Bob has a long history of haircuts, it offers a modern look for all times. The Bob hairstyle was originally designed in 1909. It was Antonie de Paris, the first hairdresser who designed the model as we know it. Born in the hands of Polish hairdresser Antonie de Paris, this model soon became popular. It became one of the cult views of the period.

bob hairstyle

A timeless hairstyle, bob haircut was the signature hairstyle of many famous names in the past and nowadays. Adapted to different color hair, brown, wavy and straight hair. In 1929, Louise Brooks used this style for the first time to broad masses by using a blunt shape by limiting the cut to the cheekbone.

Memorized by her short hair, Natalie Portman carried the model to the top once again using the short bob in Closer. Then, we witnessed many different uses of Bob with names like Rihanna, Emilia Clarke, Dua Lipa, and Bella Hadid.

Today short bob cut is the expression of a strong, modern and sharp style. A model that can be adapted to any face type and can be integrated into a wide variety of styles. It is suitable for capturing different hairstyles with different colors, wavy, curly or straight preferences. Particularly, the bobbed haircut is one of the most popular hair trends in recent years.