Bob Haircuts

The Best Wavy Bob Haircut with Tongs in 2020

Bob haircut is a versatile hairstyle that can be used as straight, wavy and curly. If you want to show your natural waves better or create waves, there are very simple ways. The wavy bob hairstyle can be preferred on a daily basis when going to school, work or for events such as dinner, party, invitation.

Prepare Your Hair

Lightly distribute hair styling foam to moist hair. The foam helps keep the hair in place after styling. It also adds volume to your hair and makes it easy to get your hair styled. Many styling foams also protect your hair against the heat in your styling tools.

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Apply the foam by evenly distributing the hair from the root to the end. Roughly dry your hair while combing with your fingers. If you have fine hair, continue until 80% dry. If you have thick hair, dry it to 50% dry. Combing your hair with your fingers during coarse drying will help prevent tangling.

To avoid damaging your hair, start at the middle or low-temperature settings of your blow dryer. If your hair is treated or processed with color, you may want to use lower heat to avoid damaging your hair strands or destroying your hair color.

Thick or textured hair can withstand higher temperatures. If you have thin or dyed hair, use lower heat. Low heat does not discolor or break your hair. Bob haircut is suitable for wavy look for any hair type.

Separate Your Hair

If the bob hairstyle is folded, divide it into horizontal layers according to your layers. Divide your hair into 3-4 horizontal layers. From here you can take a 5-inch piece and shape it. The lower layers are the closest to your neck.

Use a clip to remove the other 2 parts of your hair. Curling your hair into sections makes styling easier and more manageable gives style to all your hair and creates volume.

Separate 2-3 inches of tufts from your hair around the tongs and wrap. Start from one side of your head and work towards the other. Shape your hair close to face outwards. This bob haircut is needed to fit your model’s face. For larger curls, you can wrap 5-inch hair sections around the tongs.

Bob Haircuts

How to Apply Beach Wave to Bob Haircut?

The beach waveforms the signature image of many famous stars. These waves look great on bob haircuts. Because of this effortless hairstyle suits all facial shapes, hair types, and ages. The bob haircut, shaped by a beach wave, is usually completed in as little as 10 minutes.

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Prepare the Hair

The most important step in shaping the Bob haircut model with this natural and cool model is the first step. You can use sea salt spray or other tissue-saving sprays. Strong stabilizing sprays may not produce the expected effect. Tissue sprays make it easy to shape while giving volume and character.

Segment Your Hair

Divide your hair into 2-4 horizontal layers according to the level of brightness and thickness. Then take the 3-4 cm tufts from these distinctions. Start styling from the bottom. And shape the right and left parts of your head separately.

Create Curls

Wrap the tufts of hair tightly into your curling iron and create long curls. Fold-out the tufts framing his face. Once you have curled the entire hair, gently sweep over it with a damp-finish spray or a mild sea salt spray.

To give beach-inspired waves to the Bob haircut model, mix the curls with your fingers, making small shakes from your hair bottoms. You can also open the curls from top to bottom with one hand. You can apply a stabilizing spray or foam very gently to increase permanence. So the wavy bob hairstyle is ready in 10-15 minutes.

Fix Your Hair Style

You can use wax, jelly and spray to keep your waves in place. Put a coin-sized styler on your fingers. To stimulate the waves, gently shake your fingers through the waves. Using pomade instead of hairspray gives your waves some texture. If you do not want to weight the hair spray prefer. If your Bob haircut model is tufted, scrub that section using the latest styler.

Bob Haircuts

The Best Ways to Styling Bob Haircuts in 2020

The most striking aspects of 2019 were created by the different uses of bob haircut models. Short hair is expected to reign in 2020. The bob hairstyle comes to mind with the classic images of Reese Witherspoon and Natalie Portman. But in the new era, bob haircuts have joined many different interpretations. Names like Kaia Gerber began to iconize with this haircut.

French Bob and Retro Air

There are countless bob haircuts and styling styles that look elegant, stylish, cool or effortless. Taylor LaShae, one of the recent phenomena, is one of the best representatives of the styling that carries retro-inspired styling.

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She prefers a fairly short bob hairstyle that is aligned just below the earlobe. It uses very light coats towards the ends of the hair and framing her face with a bang. It adorns the hair in this section with irregular waves and hair scarves.

Elegance With Hollywood Waves

The hairstyling, known as the Hollywood wave, brings the image directly to a stylish and special place. Especially if you use straight and folded bob haircut, you can choose this model on your special days.

It is a model that is obtained by combed waves and powerful fixation sprays, highlighting the beauty of the face shape. It always carries vintage accents.

Braids and Bohemian Bob Hair

You can use braids to reveal the versatile nature of the wavy bob hairstyle choice. Combined with wide and natural-looking waves, it creates a bohemian and romantic look. The herringbone braids used over the ears or the top can create warm air.

If you want to create a new style with bob haircuts you can browse the content we have designed specifically for you and share the results with us as a comment. We compile and offer the most attractive hair-styles for you. Stay tuned for the latest glamorous bob haircut models.

Bob Haircuts

The Best Bob Haircuts for Thick and Thin Hair

Bob haircuts can be designed based on hair type, face, and hairstyle and can be tailored to everyone. Having thick or thin hair does not interfere with the use of short hair. On the contrary, when appropriate haircuts are made, it reveals natural beauty.

Short Bob Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Bob haircuts can be tailored to your style with small interventions for thick hair. If you have thick hair, straight, and bump haircuts can force you. It’s a good idea to stay away from bump haircuts, especially if you don’t want to blow or straighten your hair often. Otherwise, it becomes difficult to control hair growth.

There are two ways to use a bob hairstyle when your hair is too thick. If you like bump and crisp cuts, the way to use it is to opt for long bob haircuts. Thus, the weight of the hair hangs down rather than allowing the strands to expand and curl.

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The other option is to apply regular coats, especially on the underside of the hair. The folded bob hairstyle can be a savior for thick stranded hair. Tell your hairdresser if you want the hair to be thinned and layered.

A clear and uncut hair causes hair to swell from head to bottom and creates a triangular appearance. Fold cuts also help you with style and create a very modern style.

Short Bob Hairstyles for Thin Hair

If your hair is thin, choose a haircut and style to help give your hair a natural volume. Multi-textured, graded or curved bob haircuts always appear more voluminous.

If you use a short bob hairstyle with straight cuts, when it comes to styling, beach waves will help you to have more voluminous and vibrant hair. A permanent spray or foam will also give your hair a little more volume.

Bob Haircuts

The Best Makeup Ideas for Bob Haircuts in 2020

Bob haircuts are the perfect model for make-up. The makeup coloring technique adds a real dimension to smooth and functional hair. In doing so, it reveals layers and special haircuts. We have compiled inspirational hair color designs for you.

Dark Yellow Makeup

If you prefer the Bob haircut model on your neck, you can reinforce it with layers and asymmetrical bob haircuts. Capturing dark yellow color transitions in this type of cut reveals the beauty of the cut. If you have a bob model that you use in a clear and clear view, you can add a new dimension to your makeup.

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It seems incredibly natural that those who are close to dark brown hair prefer to use dark yellow shades. Gives hair a sun effect. This type of color design is great for any season.

Caramel Sparkle Folded Bob

The bob haircut method, which starts short and curved from the back of the head and extends gradually to the front and surrounds the face, is now among the timeless models. The folded bob hairstyle was first established by Victoria Beckham.

In this haircut, the unique layers can be lost in color-dyed hair. For this reason, add some texture to your hair by choosing light caramel highlights. These accents add some personality to your look, but also show the sensitivity and uniqueness of the layers.

For those with naturally dark hair, caramel shades break the harsh look and adjust to the skin color.

Orange Sparkles on Red Coffee

Red coffee is a unique color that brightens the skin color and looks natural. Decorating this color hair with orange makeup is a great harmony.

These two rich shades create a generous blend that is pleasing to the eye. When you prefer fluffy curls in your Bob haircuts model, you will have hair with an autumn effect.

Bob Haircuts

The Most Attractive Bob Haircut in 2020

In 2020, the fascinating effect of short hair continues to prevail. You can take advantage of bob haircut models in the new year to get a lively and fresh look. 2020 will be the year of those who love short hair.

If you are already using a bob hairstyle you can make big differences with small changes. The bob style is a model that welcomes numerous alternative uses. Since you have curly hair, you don’t have to use your preference for long hair.
The emphasis on nature and diversity in recent years continues to gain strength this year. Curly hair works well with short, long or medium length bobs. And it’s really free and brave.

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New Year’s Bob Haircut

Bob haircuts can be incorporated into classic or modern patterns according to your preference. Easily adaptable to your style and face type, this cut invites you to its versatile world. With a single color, straight cut and straight blow dryer, you can create a very cult and attractive image.

If you’re looking for a change, you can support light-colored shimmers that integrate with your hair with waves and curls. This year, the hair looks natural and effortless.

It is now a common desire to save time, effort without sacrificing your style and beauty in today’s busy life tempo. Bob haircut is a savior model that meets these demands exactly. The bob hairstyle, which blends best with wash-and-go logic, takes your image up even on the fastest day of preparation.

Wavy bob hairstyle is the most up-to-date way to give texture to hair. But in the New Year, the floors of our lives have been returning for some time. Coats can be added to the hair in many ways, such as light or dense, irregular or marked. This method is a cutting tip that brings fullness to sparse hair, calmness, and shape to bushy hair.

Bob Haircuts

2020’s Most Glamorous Long Bob Haircuts Trend

The most preferred hairstyle of this year is the long bob haircuts. Bob haircut model, aligned at the end of the neck, this model seems to remain on the agenda for a while longer.

Because this model is incredibly compatible with almost any face type and hair type. This wide, handy and classic look of the long bob haircut makes it indispensable. We have prepared inspiring examples of the different ways of using the long bob models.

Wavy Long Bob Haircuts

Bob haircuts look great in almost every hair texture. Straight, wavy, diffused or stylish shapes take on a different mood. This makes it easy for each hair type to find its easy and cool shape.

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The wavy bob model looks very striking, especially in long haircuts. Implementing this view is unexpectedly easy. Using a wide curling iron, distribute the tufts of hair that you have curled 1-2 times at the ends of the hair so that they appear irregular.

You can fix these wide waves with your hands using styling products. Or you can show your hair shiny, naturally wavy and well-groomed by passing over a wide comb.

Asymmetric Long Bob

Starting shorter from the back and extending to the front, this model can be applied to almost all bob sizes. It can be enriched with floors that look irregular but are used in place.

The asymmetrical, folded bob hairstyle becomes even cooler when supported by light shimmers. The shimmers applied to the edges surrounding the face with lighter or yellowish colors than normal hair color are also very fashionable this year.

If you want to create an eye-catching and different hairstyle you can choose long bob haircuts and create a more impressive style in 2020. Take a look at our bob haircut ideas in 2020 to enter the new year with new hair thanks to long bob haircuts!

Bob Haircuts

The Best Ombre Ideas for Bob Haircuts

One of the most impressive advantages of short haircuts is the ease of color experimentation. You can bring many innovations that will not allow you to get bored with Bob haircuts. If you are not sure whether the color you like will suit you or if you want to try this glittering image, the ombre ideas are life-saving. Take a look at the colors that best suit your Bob hairstyle style.

Dark Bottoms and Yellow Sparkles

The most preferred color combination in recent years is close to natural shades and yellow glitter. Applying them in a balanced and natural way really requires mastery.

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bob haircuts

Because when this is not the case, the image appears to have come to the bottom. If the bob haircuts you have chosen is folded, you can prefer your ombre only over the layers.

Quad Ombre

Using four colors together allows you to create an extraordinary and sparkling style when the good practice is done. For example, combining black, brown, silver and blue tones with indistinct transitions can give a very different feel.

You can use a hair effect that opens from dark hair bottoms to brown to gray. You can also sweat blue color in the tufts of hair surrounding your face. If you use the wavy bob model it will look much more vivid with these colors.

Long Bob and Gray Ombre Matching

The long bob hairstyle is a cut that fits any color transition and styling style. In recent years, gray hair has replaced classic yellow. When it comes to the Ombre, these cold sparkles seem really cool.

The transition from dark bottoms to gray tones at irregular intervals can also be strengthened. If you want a blunt and clear if you want a thin and folded coffee with a different point you can move the cut.

Two Shades of Red

When the Ombre glow is applied in two shades of red, the medium literally emits a flame ball. Copper glitter on dark red ombre ides creates this vivid appearance.

Dark purple gleams from the bottom of the hair may also be preferred. This vibrant color bob haircuts will take your choice to a very strong point.

Bob Haircuts

Convenient and Attractive Medium Bob Haircut

The medium-sized bob haircut is classic and always stylish. Haircut style, colors, shaping can be carried to different sizes when combined with your style. Wavy, straight, folded, asymmetrical or symmetrical bob hairstyle gives you everything you would expect from a hairstyle.

The desired modern look, diversity and ease of use are combined in a single model. The medium-sized bob haircuts, which is aligned longer than the chin and shorter than the neck end, does not cause strange images as it grows. It makes every hair type more groomed.

We have compiled bob haircut models that are used in this size but differentiated with small touches. Here you can find a variety of inspiring wavy, natural, messy or stylish uses.

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bob haircut

Multilayer Wavy Medium Bob

For those looking for mobility, Bob is the ideal medium for the haircut. It is the basis of this model that the floors seem to have been thrown irregularly, but form a whole in itself and with the face shape.

Wavy bob haircuts goers often prefer it with glittering and shaded colors. All of this is perfect to make your hair look fuller.

Short Medium Back Bob

Hair that starts short from the back of the head and extends slightly towards the face is widely used. By adding light coats to the back of this section, it is possible to achieve a much more voluminous hair. When used flat, it offers a very stylish, clean and comfortable look.

Straight Cut Medium Bob

This model, which will be enjoyed by those who have straight hair, can be converted to the French bob haircuts model. It creates a simple yet striking image.

The ends of the hair which are cut straight and evenly cut can be finely thinned optionally. Adding a few light shades of balanced shine from the natural color of the hair looks great.

Bob Haircuts

The Best Bob Haircuts by Face Shape

Bob haircut is a model that has influenced fashion for many years. Very stylish, modern and cool, this short hairstyle is one of the styles that will never go out of style. With the changes made in the cut over the years, the bob model was divided into very different views. When choosing one of the countless bob haircuts, you can apply haircuts to the face shape.
Try the short cut you want, but there are helpful guides to help you understand what you want and what works best for you. In this article, we explain what suits face types and why.

Bob Models for Round Faces

On round faces, short hairs that surround the head like a helmet and cut at the chin make the face even more rounded. It gives the best result of a long hair hairstyle for face type. This type of bob haircuts can also be completed with long and side-separated.
This smoothes the image and integrates it with the face. When the bob hairstyle is haircut short on round faces, the fullness of the hair adds width to the sides of the head.

This may make the face look more rounded. With a round face, Cameron Diaz has used an appropriate Bob haircut for years and carried it very well.

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Bob Models for Square Faces

Square faces often have a strong jawline. Therefore, the length of the haircut can be aligned 1-2 cm below the jaw. The type that best suits this type of face is folded bob haircut models. Models that start shortly afterward and extend to the front can also be preferred.
The floors make the pointed lines of the square faces softer. With square facial features, this type of Bob haircut Keira Knightley looks very nice.

Bob Models for Heart Shaped Faces

People with a chin tip that become prominent at a centering face have a heart-shaped face. Those with a face of this type can achieve a model that integrates with their faces by aligning the length of their hair at the end of the neck.

Bob Models for Long-Oval Faces

If your face is long or oval, the sophisticated bob hairstyle is ideal for you. The angled models make your chin more powerful. Long floors also create the necessary mobility. Enriched with layers at eye and cheek level, bob models will suit you very well. You can support this view with big waves.